Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Group member cannot see shared group content in SAS Information Delivery Portal

A documented glitch from the SAS Docs, A portal Admin/ Content Admin cannot share the pages in the portal.


Proc SQL Feedback Option

The Feedback option in Proc SQL, puts the expanded or Transformed verion of the query to the log window, this can be quiet handy and can be compared to the Macro debugging options.

Here is an example :
proc sql feedback;
select * from temp
group by post having count( distinct code ) ge 2 ;

Here is the log:
proc sql feedback;
16 select * from temp
17 group by post having count( distinct code ) ge 2 ;
NOTE: Statement transforms to:
select TEMP.post, TEMP.code
group by TEMP.post
having COUNT(distinct TEMP.code) >= 2;

REPLAY SAS Stored Process

Came across yet an other interesting SAS Document that may be useful for REPLAYing css and Javascript files, I will publish my version of this soon.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Running a SAS Stored Process in Background mode

Here is a Tip from the SAS Tech. support which might be useful for Increasing the Stored Process performance.