Friday, April 8, 2011

Setting up SAS to read data that is in the Arabic language

An issue has surfaced when Arabic characters were being Displayed as '????????' in Web Report studio.Further investigation into this (though my peer was thinking that it was some setting with the WRS ) I have found out that SAS was not able to interpret the Arabic character set i.e, in the SAS Dataset itself the Data was being displayed as '?????'.

SAS TS has recommended the following steps that took care of the Issue: Select Start ► Settings ► Control Panel ► Regional and Language Options. Select the Regional Options tab, Standards and Formats, and choose Arabic().
Select the Languages tab and Supplemental language support and check "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages".
Select the Advanced tab and Language for Non-unicode programs, and select Arabic (). Select the Advanced tab and Code conversion tables, and select each checkbox for the appropriate Arabic settings. Click OK and reboot.
2. Open Windows Explorer, drill to C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS 9.1\nls\en and modify the sasv9.cfg file to include these changes: Comment out these lines as follows: /* Set Windows Locale */ /* -LOCALE "en_US" */ Add the following lines: -encoding="warabic" -locale="ar_SA" .

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